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Boost local search visibility the easy way

Locafy provides powerful, low-cost, fully automated search marketing products that deliver meaningful results.

Our Philosophy

Locafy has invested over 35 million and 7 years to develop patented technology and acquire the assets necessary to programmatically deploy effective local search solutions at infinite scale. Our vision is to simplify local search. Our mission is to automate the world's business information and make it easily accessible.

Powering Channel Partners, Brands and Businesses world wide

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One data feed, many local search solutions

Locafy technology and products use the same core business information to deploy each unique solution. This ensures that there is always one super set of data, it is always accurate and that we are not duplicating any content. By utilizing the same dataset across multiple solutions we are able to keep the cost of ownership down and generate even greater results.


Our voice and search optimized directory listings provide quality endpoints for businesses around the globe. Being listed on our key properties can increase the businesses online presence and local findability. Further, it ensures the business can grab search engine real estate for its key products and service terms. Locafy is proud to directly help businesses generate greater visibility through our proprietary, top quality Listings.

Landing Pages

Locafy landing pages are a new innovation to help businesses and brands generate local search rankings and leads. The pages ensure the business is prominent on voice platforms like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana, while also helping it to improve Google search rankings for its products and services in targeted areas. With landing pages, businesses can have an attractive, accurate, voice search optimised online presence created in seconds.


Locafy Locators is a product that deploys a collection of landing pages for a single multi-location brand. The Locator is used to generate an interlinking network of pages to boost the local search engine optimisation and to enable custom map-like technology for the brand. The Locator can be deployed to any unique template of its choosing. Each Locator product has the option to include a main landing page, a regional landing page for every state they have a location and an individual landing page for each unique location.


Locafy Leads is a new-to-world product that can create literally tens-of-thousands to millions of landing pages programmatically to promote key products and services in multiple target markets. These pages can be set to capture top ranking search real estate and deliver qualified leads through automation. The pages are optimised for conversions and contain forms and click-to-call, which can be routed through to any CRM or lead manager. The mass lead pages are integrated with our core 8S feature set, meaning they are voice and web search optimised to rank quickly.

Technology Driven SEO

Locafy transforms existing structured data into rich content, securely published online on super fast loading pages designed to rank highly in local search.