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Stay on top with Locafy:The AI entity-based SEO tech that's shaking things up

Have you noticed?

Have your previously well established website rankings recently tanked undoing years of hard work?
  • Has your local website stopped generating phone calls and new customers?
  • Have you noticed that keywords your site previously comfortably owned have simply vanished or dropped to page 3 on Google?

Many of our clients, even seasoned SEO professionals, have been staring at their screens and their analytics in disbelief as everything they thought they knew about SEO has been abruptly thrown out the window.

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The reason is that search engines have transitioned from relying solely on keywords for ranking and have started utilizing Entities and Entity Based SEO to better control search results.

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Why such drastic change?

The answer is simple

It supports the paid advertising business model and protects the value for Pay Per Click customers and brands that invest in advertising. That makes complete commercial sense.

How did we figure this out?

Researching and Testing

At Locafy we have some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders in SEO who spend hundreds of hours researching and testing, so we know that our solutions are not guesswork.

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Now you realize the game has drastically and irreversibly changed you need to adapt quickly or those valuable ranking positions will never return

Fortunately there is a solution

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Locafy’s “Entity Based Local Landing Pages”

We have helped hundreds of customers to rapidly regain their rankings using our innovative and proprietary technology.

The things our customers tell us

They now understand

Discover what our customers now understand about SEO, regaining rankings and achieving remarkable results.

AI has changed the search landscape and now SEO is not just about keywords It is about understanding how to leverage “Entities”

Traditional approaches to SEO will simply not survive in this new AI paradigm Adapt to the new rules using cutting edge technology

Leverage some of the world’s leading SEO professionals who have created market tested solutions that can rapidly restore your rankings and your faith in SEO.

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