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Our solutions are systems that deliver search results without constant effort. Set it up and let the technology do the work.

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Stay up to date with local search trends with content our experts have created to demystify SEO.

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Locafy is a growing company that has been in the martech and web technology industry for over a decade. Get to know us!

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Get Found

Our solutions are systems that deliver search results without constant effort. Set it up and let the technology do the work.

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Stay up to date with local search trends with content our experts have created to demystify SEO.

About Us

Locafy is a growing company that has been in the martech and web technology industry for over a decade. Get to know us!

Reaching New Heights of Findability for Alpine Wine & Spirits

When it comes to local findability, sometimes your competition can be so close in proximity that the difference between a first and second spot on Google will be the deciding factor of where customers go. This is especially true for a business like Alpine Wine & Spirit whose competition is in the same parking lot.


Vail, Colorado


Wines and Spirits

The challange

  • Getting a competitive advantage against competitors in the same location
  • Showing a clear return on investment 

our solution

  • Launch 50 local landing pages
  • Use Google Business Profile optimization to increase findability 

Reaching New Heights of Findability for Alpine Wine & Spirits

Increase in phone calls from GBP.
107 - Nov ‘20 to Jan ‘21
189 - Nov ‘21 to Jan ‘22

of landing pages in top 3 results on search
27 pages!

Jump in website referrals to the business
Nov ‘21 - Jan ‘22 had a total of 1,139 clicks!

How Alpine Wine & Spirits used being found on top of search results to grow sales.

Though it isn’t always the case that the competition is that close, being found on the top result has been proven to increase the number of visitors to the business. And we all know: more visitors equals more sales!

Alpine Wine & Spirits had an overall marketing strategy in place before Proximity Booster, but their main gap was finding a cost-effective way to show up above the competition when it came to local search. Like most local business owners, the priority was seeing revenue

SEO is something that has traditionally taken a long time and is expensive to see real results. The Body Consultants found that to be true, as they were doing all the work but not seeing all the results.

With the Vail area being a popular vacation destination, Alpine Wine & Spirits has ample opportunity to win over new customers regularly. Their marketing efforts were placed on local radio and television advertisements to build awareness for locals and new visitors in the area. While traditional media has an important role in awareness building, their online visibility was lacking.

Alpine Wine & Spirits were not unlike other local businesses who see the value in local search marketing, but don’t want to pay high traditional SEO prices and wait months to see results. That’s where Proximity Booster came in. We delivered all of the results marketers love to see (increase in all sorts of numbers) and delivered more sales to the business.

Here’s What We Did:

The first step to Proximity Booster is making sure the Google Business Profile is exactly what Google likes to see. With our 8-Point Google Business Profile optimization, we make sure that when searchers get to the profile, it has all the information they could possibly need!

Next up is launching our landing pages. Each page is optimized for one keyword, such as ‘Liquor Store’ and ‘Wine Store’ and one neighborhood (geo-location) like ‘Copper Mountain’ and ‘Eagles Nest’

With the single keyword and location combination, we are able to get the landing page on the top of more Google search results and consequently, in front of more customers.


Like we said before, local businesses care most about the return on investment with marketing efforts. During the first four months of the campaign, the results more than satisfied Alpine Wine & Spirits. Revenue increased leading to a content business owner- and a ton of other metrics improved leading to a satisfied marketer.

Top 3 Rankings

According to Searchmetrics, pages ranking 1 through 3 on search engine results pages have a clickthrough rate of 36%. That’s a huge number. To break it down (for obvious emphasis), if 100 people came across the site you have ranking, 36 people would click on it. That’s 36 more people to see the contents of your website

For Alpine Wine & Spirits, in the matter of 3 months, they had 26 landing pages ranking in the top 3 results for various keyword and location combinations.

As for helping with the competitive advantage? With many local competitors putting their focus into Google Ads, having Alpine Wine & Spirits show up on organic search results is proven to bring more traffic. 94% of clicks on the search engine results page go to organic results because at this point, people aren’t as into ads. The benefit of that? Every ranking landing page has a significantly higher chance of being clicked by the customer.

Phone Calls

Can you imagine increasing phone calls by 76.6% from the same time last year?

Well that’s exactly what happened for Alpine Wine & Spirits. Between November 2020 and January 2021, the business received 107 phone calls. Those same months a year later, the business took 189 phone calls. That is a massive increase!

Think about buyer behavior. People don’t typically call a business unless they have pretty high intent. For example, if they call about a product availability, the odds of them not coming to pick it up shortly after are going to be pretty low if the business has it. Increasing phone calls means bringing people who have high intent closer to the business. Big win!

Direction Requests

Here is one of the crown jewels of Google Business Profile metrics. Getting directions to the business means the customer is heading over! And with a business like a liquor retailer, the odds of someone heading over there without intent to buy is pretty low.

From November 2021 to January 2022, 380 direction requests were placed to the business. That is a 9.8% increase from the same three month period the year before. A nearly 10% increase in visitors to the business is an exciting result!

Website Visits

Though harder to determine customer intent, a website visit is a good sign. It means they were first able to find the business, and second, interested enough to click to get more information.

With a 302.5% increase in website clicks, Alpine Wine & Spirits moved to a total of 1,139 clicks!

As mentioned before, it is difficult to measure intent of website visitors as there are a ton of different variables such as the keyword they typed in, the time of day, and the visitor’s personal intent. With a US average of 2.35% conversion rate on websites, we can assume that of those 1,139 clicks that Alpine Wine & Spirits had in November 2021 - January 2022 resulted in 27 new customers.

The results from the same time the year before? About 7. That’s 20 additional conversions Alpine Wine & Spirits would have with the US average.


Using Locafy’s Proximity Booster, Alpine Wine & Spirits has been able to increase revenue to their business. How it happened? Through a dramatic increase in first page Google search engine result page rankings, calls, direction requests, and website visits.

Looking to get results for your business or your clients’ business just like Alpine Wine & Spirits did? Let’s chat.

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