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About us

Locafy provides fast working SEO solutions for local, national and brand focussed businesses.

Whatever you sell, wherever you sell it we will improve your visibility in online search.

Why Locafy

To Locafy a business is to increase its search engine relevance and prominence for the products and services it sells, where it sells them.

Whether you are a local business seeking more customers, a national company striving to stand out from the crowd or a brand looking to sell more products online, we can help.

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Clients that use our SEO solutions


Resellers globally selling our technology


Staff representing more than 12 nationalities


Years of research and development, building powerful technology

Our Values

At Locafy we are looking for people who have the GIFT.Our core values define how we operate.
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GROWTH is in our nature.

We are constantly seeking growth for our company and our people. Helping people grow improves our business and improves the lives of our team.

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INNOVATION is at the core of what we do.

Locafy is constantly researching ways to do things better, faster and more scalable.

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Our team is like a family - we support each other and work towards common goals that benefit the individual and the wider company.

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Tenacity is essential in life - not everything always goes to plan, but you only fail if you give up. It is the ability to keep getting up that sets us apart.

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Our successes and future growth

We are a Nasdaq listed technology company.

Locafy listed on Nasdaq in March 2022, becoming the first company from Perth to list on that exchange.

Locafy is renowned for the development of automated landing page production that deliver rapid ranking results for local, national and brand focussed online campaigns. The company secured a patent for the technology in 2016.

The company intends to keep innovating and bringing new products to market that assist business owners to become more visible in search.

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Work with Locafy

We pride ourselves on providing the market with innovative search and solutions.

A recognized market leader in local search technology

Our patented platform and automated production capabilities enable us to produce web products at a scale and cost drastically lower than the rest of the industry.

Trusted performance driven solutions

Our technology is built to ensure business get found online faster. We know what search engines are looking for and we use that to get results.

Creating and growing shareholder value

Through our people and partnerships, we deliver value by making things simple and effective, while also driving customers to businesses and revenue to resellers.

Strategically positioned for market penetration

Locafy's technology is unique in the market and has proven to deliver results. Because of those two facts, our technology is simple to use and offer to clients.

When we first developed our platform, our goal was to build technology that was radically different from the industry and the 'regular way of doing things'. These fundamental differences are what allow us to automate the production of search products and maintain a market edge.

Looking to simplify multi-location search engine marketing?

Our technology is built to help. Whether you have one or two locations or you're flying multi-national, Locafy can handle it.

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