Think of “Entities” like the tip of the iceberg. The tip “Entity” is what you can see but underneath is a massive amount of iceberg (keywords) hidden away.

“Entities” are people, places, things or products. These entities are the key anchor points that underpin search results and are each connected to literally hundreds or thousands of other long tail keywords, which the search engines know are relevant to the entity. If you optimise your website for the entity correctly, you can be confident of picking up a whole batch of relevant keywords for your business. At Locafy, we’ve already done this for you.

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About the technology we created

One data feed, many search solutions.

Locafy technology and products can integrate with any structured data source to produce a unique solution for any client, based on data they already manage. By utilizing the same dataset as the client already manages we're able to ensure consistency of information published and we keep the cost of ownership down.

We transform and re-purpose raw data inputs into content rich outputs (digital products) at tremendous scale. Simplify the process, save time, and remove stress from your business' digital data.

We are fundamentally changing the velocity at which search marketing products are created. Locafy has heavily invested time and money into developing patented core technology that gives our customers access to effective, low cost local search solutions.


Automated publishing via the Locafy API

The Locafy API (Application Programming Interface) is a sophisticated publishing tool that enables any client with a structured dataset of any size to easily connect with in order to access the Locafy Platform.

Our API integrates with the Locafy Platform which then enables clients to programmatically produce digital assets (Listings, Landing Pages, Lead Sites, Locators) within the Locafy Publishing Network. Just like the bank, search engines like to see that businesses have valuable assets.

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Proximity Network Deliver

Multiple page 1 rankings for clients in any market.

*99% of web searchers don't click beyond PAGE ONE of Google when seacrhing.

More than 78% of Locafy's indexed pages appear on page one of search.

58.74%[Pos 1-3]

20.09%[Pos 4-10]

21.17%[Pos 10+]

Page performance

Core Features

3 Steps for Automated Deployment

As a programmatic, low cost solution, your business can surround every primary target area with a combination of keywords (products, brands & services) that will drive local search rankings and inbound lead generation. It's like putting a Business Billboard on every major street that drives organic foot traffic straight to you.

  • Auto attribute SSL to every page on publishing
  • Parallel data processing for page load speed
  • Auto scaling capability, globally
  • 24/7 monitoring, unlimited bandwidth
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPS) within Amazon security
  • Image level back up and recovery


Wireframe of content blocks

Fill in content to our single dataset which will populate across our whole network.

API / Flatfile

Ingest & Automate

4 blocks with landing pages, lead sites, listings and locators written in them

Our patented technology optimises the content to ensure the highest quality pages can be built in seconds.

Digital experience platform



Blue tag

With a completed dataset, hundreds of landing pages can be deployed in seconds.

8S Automated Feature Set

Our 8S Framework is the secret sauce to our platform and technology.

Speed optimised

Site speed is one of the core factors used by Google's algorithm to rank pages. Speed is key because longer load times result in higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. Our products are Speed optimized for blazing fast load times (0.5 seconds) with proprietary server-side parallel processing.

Schema is used by developers to structure metadata on the website so that search engines can understand the content published on the page. Our webpages are compliant and enhanced. Each page contains the essential Schema that Google loves to index, rank and serve.


Google rolled out the mobile-friendly algorithm, meaning that website content must be formatted properly for any device accessing it. Our solutions are completely Seamless, and render content perfectly regardless of device. We developed patented technology to identify the device and serve content both adaptively and responsively.


SSL certificates are a security measure for websites. Google's algorithm looks for websites using SSL certificates as a factor of their 'trustworthiness. Each page is Secured with the most up to date SSL protocols and certificates hosted and managed on Amazon Web Services.


Onpage SEO, offpage SEO, and technical SEO all play an important role in how robots find, read, and serve content across web, mobile and voice search. We automatically SEO optimize the content structure, and reference each page with the world's most powerful sites like Wikipedia.


Speakable is a type of schema developed by Google to identify sections within a webpage that are best suited for audio playback using text-to-speech (TTS). Each page is Speakable code enabled to ensure the business can be found and read by voice technologies.


Business information content must be consistent around the web, it helps to increase the trustworthiness of the brand. That is why products like citations are so important. The content we use for production is Synchronized with one core API / dataset so there is no ongoing maintenance needed.


Every page on a website must be properly optimized with key factors to ensure their best chance to rank for web, mobile and voice search. Our solutions are infinitely scalable - we can create hundreds-of-thousands of pages to any custom template. Then we programmatically update content on these pages and develop new widgets & features to push to them all at once.

Implementation of 8S and Locafy

Let page optimization 'just happen'

Ever heard of core web vitals? Our 8S feature framework is embedded into our whole platform and technology. We programmatically optimize every page we deploy for all of the parameters that search engines use to rank sites. The best part is businesses do not have to know how they work to see substantial results.

Locafy Local Search implementation of 8s and Locafy

See what being search engine optimised can do for your business

We're all about creating automated, technology-driven local search solutions that deliver results - simply. Get started with us.

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