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Around half of all search is Local

Your business is in one zip code, but your customers are located all around you….now your rankings have tanked and they can’t see you.

Local Search

Locafy's Local Pages get you found locally for what you do where most organic traffic comes from

Has your local business website literally fallen off the face of the earth, which in search terms means no longer on Page 1 of Google.

Lost rankings will have a massive impact on customer engagement, calls, emails and visits which in turn will negatively impact your revenues.

Traditional SEO knowledge and techniques are simply not going to help restore the rankings. A dramatic shift to Entity Based SEO and the sudden deluge of AI content has cast that knowledge into the SEO history books.

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Local Consumers

Rely on prominent Page 1 search results to determine buying decisions

46% of all online search is Local - and there are only 3 places for your local business to be found:

Paid Advertising

  • Can be found at both the top and bottom of search results
  • However, 94% of consumers “skip over” search advertising
  • Once you’ve spent your budget, your ads no longer appear

Local Map Packs

  • Around 32 % of all local search goes through the Map Pack
  • The majority of traffic is from Positions 1,2 and 3
  • Optimise correctly and you can remain prominent

Organic Search Results

  • Around 62% of all local traffic is from organic search results
  • The bulk of the traffic comes from the Top 3 positions
  • Optimise your web pages correctly and remain prominent
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Optimise for relevant, high value keywords for your business

Porximity radius of an location shown on a map


We target consumers in the immediate proximity of business locations

Geo grid proximity results shown on a map


Increasing prominence in local search results, including “near me”

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Increase your prominence in organic search and map packs for many high value keywords

Proximity Network

SEO rich landing pages that are optimised for multiple valuable local keywords

As a programmatic, low cost solution, your business can surround every primary target area with a combination of keywords (products, brands & services) that will drive local search rankings and inbound lead generation. It's like putting a Business Billboard on every major street that drives organic foot traffic straight to you.

  • Search engine optimised for local search results, anywhere in the world
  • “Entity based” site structure to combat AI and rapid rank your business
  • Super fast loading - whether mobile or desktop, these are lightening fast
  • Accessibility - all automated to meet accessibility standards
  • Design templates - choose from multiple designs to best suit your brand


No keyword limit selected as long as they are relevant


Automatically selects the 20 closest as a starting point - add more


No integration required - we don’t need to touch your website


Guaranteed 48 hour delivery from when all content received


Expect to see improved visibility within 30 days of implementation

Case Study

Local prominence via local pages

Appear prominently in local search results for shower screens and frameless shower screens in the service area they operate within. We delivered big time.

100% Google Page 1

Percentage of Keyword Location combinations on Page 1 of Google

82% Top 3 Positions

Percentage of Keyword Location combinations on Page 1 of Google Position 1, 2, or 3

495% Increase in Impressions

Increase in the total number of impressions month over month

Frameless Shower Screens Top Keyword

Keyword within the campaign that provided the best average rank

Climb the rankings in Local Search!

Simply tell us what you would like to rank for

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Increase your search engine real estate with Locafy

Get your business in front of customers. Employ top keywords with Locafy's low-cost and results-driven technology.

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