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Embrace the future of SEO:

Locafy's unprecedented AI entity-based advancements


Imagine years of hard work and dedication to national SEO being lost overnight through the emergence of AI and the seismic shift to Entity Based SEO.

There are no rule books written by the search engines in regards to SEO, so when changes happen, they can have a devastating impact on those that are not prepared. The best SEO’s in the business earn that title through hundreds and thousands of hours of research, testing, failure and finally success. It is not by accident, it is by a combination of perspiration and inspiration.

Thankfully you don’t need to go through that as there is now a solution to gaining prominence for national search terms or regaining those rankings that you have recently lost

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SEO is like architecture - It's all about structure.
So, what is a keystone in architecture?

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The keystone is the one at the very center of the top. The keystone is the most important stone.

Your “Keystone” is the most important term for your business and once established forms the centrepiece of your national SEO strategy.

Take advantage of our extensive entity based knowledge and technology to rank nationally

The process is straightforward. All we need to know is what website you want to rank for what term nationally. That’s it.


you want ranking


you want it ranking for


for the term you want on the website you choose

Our Master level SEOs will review your website and make recommendations on the structural changes required in order for you to achieve your objective.

While some websites are beyond help, we can usually provide a comprehensive set of implementation instructions that will provide the structural repair to enable Locafy to apply our Keystone technology, perhaps the most advanced AI Entity Based solution in the world.

Case Study

The results speak for themselves - Incredible increase of impressions, clicks and CTR in just 3 months

Newly established “Solar Battery” company

414 Total Clicks

in the last 3 months

4.17k Total Impressionss

in the last 3 months

9.9% Average CTR

in the last 3 months

Solar Battery Top Keyword

in the last 3 months

Climb the rankings in National Search!

Simply tell us what you would like to rank for

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See what being search engine optimised can do for your business

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