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SEO Mastermind Academy

When senior executives at large organisations see issues with their SEO strategies that directly impact their revenue, they immediately pick up the phone to speak to Jimmy Kelley, Locafy’s Global Head of Search Technology. Lately the phone has been ringing hot.

Jimmy Kelley is arguably one of the world's leading SEO practitioners.

He has invented many search products that have gained traction internationally and has taught hundreds of students SEO techniques that deliver meaningful results for their clients.

Jimmy has been researching and testing Entity Based SEO solutions for years in readiness for what he predicted would be the biggest shift in the SEO landscape. He is one of the very few leading SEO practitioners that understands and is able to successfully implement Entity Based site structures for any SEO objective whether it be for local, national, multi-location or brand solutions.

While many of the technologies are baked into our off the shelf SEO products, we also offer Mastermind level training for SEO professionals that are seeking to implement these solutions for their own client’s websites.

The training is of the highest calibre and has already generated incredible results for the current mastermind Academy members.

Jimmy Kelley

The SEO Mastermind Academy is by application or invite only and is strictly for SEO professionals seeking to learn leading edge SEO techniques. Courses run monthly, lead by Jimmy Kelley and will often feature special guests that have particular relevant expertise to enhance the learning experience.

Locafy will show you how to get the best out of the products and tools that we offer our resellers that are driving incredible results for local, national and brand focussed customers.

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